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Infinity Plastics

About Us

Infinity Plastics, LLC has been in business since 1984. We started with one bag machine mainly for the manufacture of industrial grade poly bags. Over the years we have added three more bag machines and three extrusion lines.

Infinity Plastics, LLC would like to be your main supplier for poly bags, vacuum formed trays and polywrap encasement for ductile iron pipe.

We extrude low density and linear low density film and manufacture poly bags used for storing and/or protection for food products, parts, electrical devices, medical devices, paper products, palletized items and an infinite number of other items.

We offer lay flat bags, side sealed bags, gusseted bags, zipped bags, bags on rolls, trash can liners, sheeting and tubing, all items can be supplied clear or colored. We can supply bags with additives such as antistat and VCI.

Our vacuum formed trays are manufactured for handling and shipping of delicate items, machined parts and fittings, medical devices, electronic components, circuit boards and countless other items that may be susceptible to damage when other packaging/storage means are not acceptable. We stock several sized trays to house a variety of machined parts.

Our polywrap is manufactured from linear low density resins. Our 8 mil polywrap offers external protection of buried ductile-iron pipe, fittings and appurtenances.  Our polywrap is certified to the ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 specification. We stock all tubing sizes from 16” wide up to 108” wide. Cross-laminated polywrap, stretch wrap and tape is also available.

We offer just-in-time inventory programs for all of our products.

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